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Excalibur General Contracting has successfully completed four lift station projects with our firm .These included eliminating the existing sewage plant at each condo site. All of these projects have been completed within the last 18 months. From a project Managers prespective I can Say First Hand that Excalibur General Contracting employees display pride in their work on daily basis. They consistently produce a product that meets and numerous instances exceeds the specifications,without supervision From our firm.

The owners and Maintanence supervisors of the condo associations on the four projects have reported Excellent reviews of Excalibur General Contracting.I have worked with Excalibur and am well satisfied,with their better than average performance.It has been reported to me that most of the condo's managers  and Residents are now use Excalibur's services for subsequent work. Hiring Excalibur General Contracting will be the best thing you will do for your project.
John Mischle
Project Manager
Quentin Hampton Engineering
Port Orange Florida
As a facilities managers for Halifax Hospital maintaining 20+ buildings We have used Excalibur General Contracting for the past 14 years. They have completed many project maybe hundreds of projects for us.From Small to Large. Projects include bridges and Decks as show in web page behind the port orange hospital, photos posted on there web sites show the Walk Bridge over our lake at the Port Orange Hospital,They Have Constructed Doctor,s Offices, Remodeling, tennant buildouts, renovations of all types from small to large, Firewall construction,Emergency repairs to many to list, Flooding repairs, driveway and site improvements of all types insurance claims At the Hospital And Our managed out Buildings. Their most recent project for us were installing a 80,000 gal fuel tanks and sidewalk project and building out several offices,They Have also recently Built interior walls, clean rooms,and Demolished existing homes . As for their quality you could ask for no better. Facility managers, maintenance supervisors,Property Managers this is the firm for you on any kind of new or repairs for your facility .Projects are completed on time and on budget.If your looking for a great general contractor Excalibur General Contracting is the one for you.
Paul Powell
Facility Manager
Halifax Hospital
Excalibur General Contracting bailed me out when no one else would help. During the storms my home flooded and we had more than 2' of water in our home. excalibur when no other contractor would help took on the project. My whole home had to be rebuilt from roof down. mold and fungus almost 1"thick throughout my home my wife and kid s living in a small trailer. The insurance companies fighting tooth and nail for months with me and my wife we were ready to die from the stress. Then Excalibur came in they fought the insurance companies with me and I was able to rebuild my home finally. The home looks like a show piece now you would not reconize from before pictures.If your looking for home improvements, major restorations, room addition or renovation this is the firm for you.
Mark Lumkins
Port Orange Fl
Excalibur General Contracting Took My 1954 built home and made it look like a modern castle adding 1700 sq ft room addition and remodeling the remainder of our home , Renovations included bathrooms, kitchen, summer kitchen, windows, doors,flooring, Interior framing exterior framing,This was major major renovation..Some of the pictures of our home are listed on the Excalibur's web site.
Brad Blaise
Daytona Beach
Excalibur General Contracting has completed several projects for us, including room addtions and interior renovations and a new garage. Could not ask for a better contractor to work with aways there when they say and always do as they bid. Never Received any change orders even though we had changed things during most of thier projects with us. Dave always stated we told him in time and just continued working. This contractor is easy and great to work with.You will not be sorry hiring Excalibur General Contracting
Bobby Day
Ormond Beach Fl
I'm 86 years old and my husband has passed.
during the storms my house was destroyed. I could get no contractor to come out. Insurance company givng me all kind of problems. Dave from Excalibur told be he take care of me. I trusted him and he was a man of his word.he fixed it all helped with the insurance people and took all the stress of me.I now call Excalibur for all my needs and they are there when they tell you,and always get the work done fairly.
Pauline leonard
Port Orange fl
Excalibur Dave,Mike,Nay,Dale,Carl, Only can say thanks thanks thanks you guys were great to work with. Thanks for our new kitchen, bathrooms and my summer kitchen . Excalibur will be my only contractor
Jeannie and Mark
Ponce Inlet
Thank You Excalibur For All the great completed projects from your firm, more than a dozen  completed projects to date and hopefully more in the future, All of which were completed on time and under budget with great quality.and craftmanship as a construction facility manager I can't thank you enough for making my life a little easier.Thanks Excalibur
Charles Tomlinson 
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